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Nightguards for Bruxism (Teeth Grinding) Therapy in Cherry Hill

Do you awaken with a sore jaw or experience nagging headaches or earaches? You may be one of the millions of Americans who suffer from bruxism, or teeth grinding. Dr. Polansky eliminates this unhealthy, and often unconscious habit, with customized oral appliance therapy.

Why do I grind my teeth?

Teeth grinding is often a reaction to stress. Many people unknowingly grind their teeth, especially during sleep. They often awaken with a sore jaw and no explanation of how it occurred! Left untreated, bruxism creates chronic discomfort, destroys the surface of teeth, and may contribute to dysfunction of the temporomandibular joints (TMJ).

How can a nightguard help?

An acrylic mouthpiece called a nightguard fits between teeth and prevents top and bottom teeth from coming into contact with each other. Oral appliance therapy is effective for many patients who suffer from bruxism. Dr. Polansky will customize your nightguard specifically for your mouth to ensure a comfortable fit. He can also provide lifestyle tips on how to manage or alleviate the stress that often causes bruxism.

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