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Niche Dental Studio Creates Dental Restorations That Are Seamless, Stable, and Beautiful in Cherry Hill

When it comes to dental restorations, such as crowns and porcelains, most dentists have to send their measurements and notes far away to a lab that constructs the new pieces for them. While this practice is fairly common and accepted, Dr. Polansky and his dedicated team have always believed in ensuring that every aspect of our dental services occur close to home. After all, these pieces are going to become essential parts of your smile; wouldn’t it be nice to know and feel confident in the skills of the people who make them? Here in Cherry Hill, we want our patients to feel comfortable about these crucial creations – that’s why all of your restorative and cosmetic pieces will be handcrafted at our convenient onsite dental lab Niche Dental Studio, run by Dr. Polansky’s own son, Joshua Polansky.

In 1953, the caption under Joanie’s picture in her high school yearbook said, “Voted Best Smile.” Don’t we all wish we could maintain that youthful vigor? Time didn’t hurt this beautiful 78 year old woman. She took care of herself in every way. She eats well and exercises. But teeth have a way of not keeping up. Sixty years later, we restored that beautiful smile to one she can be proud of once again.

Kudos to Joshua Polansky at our in-office lab, Niche Dental Studio. Having a lab on premises makes it easy to get on the same page with patients and their specific desires.

Niche Dental Studio, at its core, strives to create dental restorations that aren’t only comfortable and stable, but that mimic nature in every possible way. This goal is perfect for all patients, but it especially benefits those who work to maintain a polished image in the workplace or who simply take pride in their appearance. You don’t deserve to have to be reminded that you’ve had restorative dental work every time you look in the mirror – with Niche Dental Studio’s help, your new piece will vanish into the rest of your smile, resulting in newfound confidence and health.

Today’s dental patients demand cosmetically appealing dentistry that is affordable and natural looking. Not everyone is looking for that “Hollywood Smile.”

In the case pictured here, our patient an 80 year old female wanted us to “just fix” the unsightly fillings in the picture on the left. Although these teeth may have warranted caps, she wanted us to take the most conservative route and save her some money as well.

By using some of the newer composite resin materials we were able to do a job that met with her approval. We used properly shaded tooth colored resin, bonded to the remaining tooth structure and then used “pink” composite resin to bring the shades together up by the gumline.

Matching shades has a significant difficulty level but with the aid of Joshua at Niche Dental, our in-office lab this became routine. Joshua is a skilled ceramist who spends a significant time matching porcelain shades for very sophisticated dentistry. By taking the knowledge of ceramics and applying it to materials that are mouth friendly we can achieve these kinds of results.

While Joshua Polansky didn’t initially intend to pursue dental laboratory work as his career, his eyes were opened when he was given the opportunity to apprentice with distinguished master technician Olivier Tric of Oral Design Chicago. This experience inspired him to become a master dental technician himself, and he went on to study in Europe with other experts. He eventually earned his Master’s Degree in Dental Ceramics at the UCLA Center for Esthetic Dentistry and continued his training at the institution’s advanced prosthodontics and maxillofacial program. Today, he is the owner and operator of Niche Dental Studio and assists dentists from all over the world. Click here to learn more about Niche Dental Studio and the high quality and beauty you can expect from your new dental restorations!

Artistic Vision, Dental Innovation.

For cosmetic dentistry in Cherry Hill, call our dental office today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Polansky. Our Cherry Hill office serves Voorhees, Marlton, Haddonfield, Haddon Heights, Audubon, and surrounding areas.

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