June 12, 2013

Who is the Top Dentist?

I guess I fell through the cracks…again! I can’t remember the last time I was on the list of Top Dentists in South Jersey by an unnamed magazine.  It’s hard to believe that I was behind 144 dentists.  Well, I guess that’s the way it is in this age of professional advertising.

I don’t advertise.  Well, unless you consider this blog a form of advertising.  I believe that blogs are social media and enable me to get closer to my patients.  Professional advertising can be very confusing for people when it comes time to choose a dentist.

I don’t know how a magazine ranks dentists…they say they take a poll.  I’m not sure how valid that is.  The poll results in a form of advertising.  Maybe dentists should be ranked by years in practice without any serious incidents.  Being an elder statesman here in Cherry Hill…I have racked up 40 years of service…that’s a lot.

Maybe we could recognize academic achievements like teaching and speaking.  Well, I am “Visiting Faculty” at the Pankey Institute in Key Biscayne Florida...that should count for something.

How about publishing?  I have published 2 books that are widely read by the dental community…worldwide. I also write 2 blogs that are followed by the worldwide dental community as well.

Or how about speaking?  I have spoken at numerous study clubs, Texas Dental Association, New Jersey Dental Association and the big one—the American Dental Association

I am not writing any of this to brag—actually I am quite humble about all of this…because the only thing I care about is that my patients have grown to like and trust me and my staff (my youngest staff member has been with me for ten years and the oldest has been with the practice for 38 years).  I am writing it to help patients understand some of the more important factors in choosing a dentist,,,your teeth shouldn’t suffer because someone won a popularity contest.

Maybe this post is futile— I wrote another one on my other blog, TAOofDentistry.com, titled Why I Love Adam Levine. Check it out.

I am writing this post after not making this list for so many years because even I find it hard to believe that any publication could have missed these credentials and let my practice fall through the cracks.

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