May 20, 2015

Visit the best Cherry Hill dentist–Barry Polansky DMD– to check on your smile.

Routine dental check-ups detect problems early.Healthy teeth don’t just happen. They take time and attention. Find out the why’s and how’s of routine dental examinations and good oral hygiene.

You can maintain good oral health very simply: through periodic dental check-ups and good dental hygiene. Barry Polanski DMD is the affordable dentist in Cherry Hill, New Jersey who wants you to have the individualized care and patient education your mouth needs without breaking your budget. In fact, Dr. Polanski offers a free new patient exam at his Cherry Hill office.

Why check-ups and good hygiene are so important.

Frankly, many dental problems could be avoided or lessened with twice yearly examinations and dental cleanings. The mouth is full of bacteria which thrive on sticky plaque that builds up on tooth surfaces and at the gum line every time we eat. Gradually, this plaque forms hard tartar which, if not scraped away, causes gums and bone to recede in a condition called periodontitis. Accumulated plaque also contributes to dental cavities. In short, it’s wise to catch dental problems early to avoid tooth loss and expensive restorations.

What happens during a new patient exam?

Dr. Barry Polanski performs gentle, yet comprehensive, oral examinations. He checks:

  • for any cavities and performs periodontal probing to evaluate the health of your gums
  • for any issues involving how teeth bite together
  • the condition of existing fillings, crowns and previous restorations or cosmetic procedures
  • the health and function of the Temporomandibular Joint where the upper and lower jaw come together
  • for signs of oral cancer

For oral cancer screening, Dr. Polanski uses the innovative Velscope light which quickly and painlessly evaluates the soft tissues of the mouth. This simple procedure is a critical part of a dental exam because oral cancer is the killer of thousands of Americans every year. When found early, it can be successfully treated.

What should home dental hygiene look like?

As the best Cherry Hill dentist, Dr. Polanski recommends twice daily brushing with a quality toothpaste and also flossing every day to remove food particles and plaque from between teeth. Patients should look for products that carry the American Dental Association seal of approval.

In addition, sensible dental care includes a good diet. This means limiting sugar-laden snacks and beverages and eating, fruits, vegetables and foods low in fat and rich in calcium. In other words, foods that support a healthy weight generally support good dental health.

Call the Cherry Hill office for a free new patient exam

Barry Polanski DMD and his team are proud to serve Voorhees, Marlton, Haddonfield, Haddon Heights and Audobon with the latest in modern dentistry. They would be pleased to see you for a free initial consultation. Call today: (856) 795-1121.

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