June 24, 2013

The Secret Life of Dental Patients

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David was surprised when I told him the added benefits of flossing. Since his last cleaning he had done exactly what we advised…he began flossing everyday.  He created a habit.  Not just every other day, or when the it was convenient or when he felt something stuck between his teeth…but everyday.

He was surprised when I told him about the added benefits of good oral hygiene.

“Like what?” he said.

“Good hygiene habits can change your life,” I told him.

I had his attention because he thought flossing just lead to clean healthy teeth.  But then I opened the door to what clean healthy teeth can do for a young single guy.

I saw him smile and quickly grabbed a mirror to show him how quick that smile can attract someone, and since there is an unwritten law somewhere that states, “likes attract likes,” then in all probability “your dream partner is out there looking for those hidden positive attributes that are exhibited by your clean, healthy smile.”

Most people see flossing and good oral hygiene as ending with clean, healthy teeth, but those teeth show the world a lot more.

They show the world your values…what’s important to you.  They see that you take health and hygiene seriously.  They see you have lots of self-esteem and really care about how you look to the world.  They show that you have the discipline to create a good habit and that can extend to other areas of your life like your education and financial future.

“Doesn’t that sound like the dream girl you want to meet, David?”  I said.  “I’ll bet those people who talk about the Laws of Attraction never mentioned flossing.”

Now Michele my hygienist started to smile…because hygienists know the real power of hygiene.

Patients have a hidden oral life.  Only they know the condition of their mouths…their tongues have eyes.  But the truth is we can tell a lot about values by looking at mouths and oral hygiene.

I told David that creating that habit can change his life and I had no doubt that he would lead a successful and fulfilling life…because he knows how to create good habits.

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