March 15, 2015

Restore Your Oral Health with Non Invasive Laser Dentistry in Cherry Hill, NJ

493536451Modern dental technological advancements have made dental treatments less invasive and more accurate than ever before. Dr. Polansky employs state-of-the-art laser dentistry tools and techniques to more accurately diagnose dental problems and painlessly restore dental health. If you want fast, efficient, and painless dental treatment, schedule a laser dentistry appointment with Dr. Polansky today. Dr. Polansky is a trusted Cherry Hill family dentist, now delivering quality care daily throughout Cherry Hill, NJ, Voorhees, Marlton, Haddonfield, Haddon Heights, Audubon, and the surrounding communities.

Laser Dentistry Can Detect Early Decay

While 80% of tooth decay is easily detectable on the surface of the tooth, a large amount can go undetected using conventional decay detection methods. Conventional methods are most ineffective in detecting enamel defects which are precursors to cavities. DIAGNOdent diode laser technology enables Dr. Polansky to detect decay at a much earlier stage of development. The DIAGNOdent laser works by measuring the laser fluorescence of the mineral structure of the affected tooth.  As the laser light is disseminated the reflected laser light energy is calculated. At the specific wavelength of the DIAGNOdent laser, healthy tooth structure exhibits little or no fluorescence while decayed tooth structure exhibits fluorescence proportionate to the degree of lost tooth structure. This results in elevated scale readings on the display of the DIAGNOdent as well as an audio signal to alert the presence of decay.

Laser Dentistry to Treat Gum Disease

LANAP (laser gum disease therapy) is a laser based alternative to traditional gum surgery. It is a less painful, less traumatic, and less invasive way to treat gum disease at any stage. LANAP uses a special kind of laser called the PerioLase MVP-7 and special laser fibers, gently inserted between gum tissue and  teeth, to painlessly remove the harmful bacteria and plaque buildup that causes gum disease. LANAP treatment takes a fraction of the time required by traditional gum surgery.  In addition, with LANAP you never have to worry about bleeding, stitches, or infection, because your gums will be able to heal quickly and naturally.

Cherry Hill Laser Dentistry Appointments

For the patient centered care you deserve, schedule a laser dentistry appointment with Dr. Polansky today. Dr. Polansky is a highly regarded Cherry Hill general and family dentist, now proudly restoring smiles daily throughout Cherry Hill, NJ, Voorhees, Marlton, Haddonfield, Haddon Heights, Audubon, and the neighboring areas.

February 6, 2014

Tackle Your Gum Disease with Gum Disease Therapy

In order to have a healthy establishment, it is important to have a solid foundation. Many people forget about the foundation of their teeth, which are the gums. Many people think that if their teeth are white and straight, they are healthy, which is not necessarily the case. With over 80% of the population having gum disease and not knowing it, it is very important you recognize the signs. If you feel as though you suffer from gum disease, Dr. Barry Polansky is able to help using laser gum disease therapy.

Some of the signs of gum disease are sensitive, swollen gums that are red, bleeding during brushing or flossing, and the gums receding from the tooth. Though it may not seem like a big deal to some, studies have shown that untreated gum disease puts you at a higher risk for heart disease, stroke, dementia, bone loss, tooth loss, and much more. It is important that you schedule an appointment immediately if you feel as though you have gum disease.

Dr. Polansky treats his patients who have gum disease with LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure). What he does is puts a soft tissue laser in your mouth, which is about the thickness of three hairs. The laser targets the infected gum tissue, and eradicates the bacteria causing your gum disease. The laser also promotes healthy tissue growth, as well as reattachment to the tooth. Because the procedure is not invasive, our patients are able to proceed with their daily routines after their appointment! No anesthesia or sutures are required, making treating your gum disease easy and efficient. If you’re curious about how Dr. Polansky can help with your gum disease therapy, make an appointment today, and we’d be more than happy to assist you!

Dr. Barry Polansky provides complete dental care to all of our patients from our Cherry Hill dental office. We serve patients from Voorhees, Marlton, Haddonfield, Haddon Heights, Audubon, and surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

June 12, 2013

Who is the Top Dentist?

I guess I fell through the cracks…again! I can’t remember the last time I was on the list of Top Dentists in South Jersey by an unnamed magazine.  It’s hard to believe that I was behind 144 dentists.  Well, I guess that’s the way it is in this age of professional advertising.

I don’t advertise.  Well, unless you consider this blog a form of advertising.  I believe that blogs are social media and enable me to get closer to my patients.  Professional advertising can be very confusing for people when it comes time to choose a dentist.

I don’t know how a magazine ranks dentists…they say they take a poll.  I’m not sure how valid that is.  The poll results in a form of advertising.  Maybe dentists should be ranked by years in practice without any serious incidents.  Being an elder statesman here in Cherry Hill…I have racked up 40 years of service…that’s a lot.

Maybe we could recognize academic achievements like teaching and speaking.  Well, I am “Visiting Faculty” at the Pankey Institute in Key Biscayne Florida...that should count for something.

How about publishing?  I have published 2 books that are widely read by the dental community…worldwide. I also write 2 blogs that are followed by the worldwide dental community as well.

Or how about speaking?  I have spoken at numerous study clubs, Texas Dental Association, New Jersey Dental Association and the big one—the American Dental Association

I am not writing any of this to brag—actually I am quite humble about all of this…because the only thing I care about is that my patients have grown to like and trust me and my staff (my youngest staff member has been with me for ten years and the oldest has been with the practice for 38 years).  I am writing it to help patients understand some of the more important factors in choosing a dentist,,,your teeth shouldn’t suffer because someone won a popularity contest.

Maybe this post is futile— I wrote another one on my other blog,, titled Why I Love Adam Levine. Check it out.

I am writing this post after not making this list for so many years because even I find it hard to believe that any publication could have missed these credentials and let my practice fall through the cracks.

January 10, 2013

Whiter Teeth for the New Year

The New Year is upon us, so take some time to ensure you’re going to make a good impression. Start off 2013 right with teeth whitening from Dr. Barry Polansky!

Teeth whitening is a great option if your teeth are yellowed or stained, whether it’s from aging, foods, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, sodas, or even some medications. You’ll see improvement immediately. Also, whiter teeth help make you look younger, giving you a boost to your self confidence.

See just how easy it could be! We offer both Zoom! Whitening which is an in-office solution, or take home whitening trays.

With Zoom! Whitening, you’ll come to the office and have a special teeth whitening solution applied to your teeth. Dr. Polansky will activate it with a low-heat light, and in about an hour you will see that your teeth are up to 10 shades whiter. This is a great, quick procedure with instant results!

Take home trays give you quality teeth whitening from the convenience of your own home. Dr. Polansky will make you custom bleaching trays and give you professional quality whitening gel. Apply as instructed and in up to two weeks you’ll have beautiful, whiter teeth!

With two different whitening options available, teeth whitening is easier than ever! There’s no excuse to not have the white smile of your dreams. Call us today to learn more and see if teeth whitening is right for you!

Dr. Barry Polansky is dedicated to providing quality dental care from his Cherry Hill office. We serve patients from Voorhees, Marlton, Haddonfield, Haddon Heights, Audubon, and the surrounding areas. Call today to schedule your appointment!

September 2, 2011

September Is the Perfect Time for Your Next Visit

For most of us, the time for family vacations is over. The kids are back in school, and summer will soon be replaced by fall.

That’s why, even if September is more than halfway through the year, it’s still a good time for your next appointment. Especially with the holidays coming up—Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s. Fall and winter are notorious seasons, nutritionally speaking, with all the candy, cookies, and treats to enjoy. Make sure you’re heading into them with a clear conscience about your smile.

What’s a Checkup at Our Cherry Hill Office Like?

When you come in for your appointment with Dr. Polansky, here’s what you can expect.


June 7, 2011

Comfort and Convenience with Laser Dentistry from Dr. Polansky

Everywhere you look technology is changing the way we live. And nowhere is that more evident than in Dr. Polansky’s Cherry Hill office, where we’re using laser dentistry to provide patients with cutting-edge care.

Whether we’re checking your smile for cavities, treating gum disease, or lengthening a crown, lasers are helping us provide patients with more precise and comfortable care than ever before. That’s why we’re firm believers in the power of technology.


May 11, 2011

The Mysterious Link Between Gum Disease and Diabetes

For years, researches have been asking whether gum disease is a cause of diabetes, or whether it’s the other way around. A connection clearly exists, but what is it?

Though the link is still unclear, recent studies show their relationship runs both ways. Because gum disease increases blood sugar levels, risk of diabetic complications are elevated. And because diabetic patients are more susceptible to infection, they’re more likely to contract gum disease.

As a diabetic who has successfully controlled his blood sugar for over 20 years and avoided negative consequences of diabetes, Dr. Polansky wants to urge others with diabetes to make regular, six-month visits a priority. They’re vital for maintaining oral health as well as the overall health of your body.


April 18, 2011

Improving Your Overall Health with a Trip to Dr. Polansky

Maintaining regular dental visits is vital for keeping your smile healthy. But did you know visiting Dr. Polansky twice a year can go a long way towards preventing other health problems, too? Patients with gum disease are at higher risk of serious illnesses, including:

  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Complications with diabetes or pregnancy

Gum Disease and Your Body

Built-up plaque in the mouth has a destructive effect on teeth. Over time, the combination of plaque and bacteria can irritate sensitive tissue and lead to the creation of pockets between gums and teeth. As plaque and bacteria spread below the gum line, the infection can affect the bone, as well as spread from your mouth to other parts of your body, resulting in increased risk to your health.


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