July 7, 2018

4 Effective Treatments for Advanced Periodontal Disease

Patient receiving laser periodontal therapyMild gum disease, sometimes called gingivitis, has minimally adverse impact on oral and whole body health. You may not even notice you’re experiencing this oral health concern until a dentist or hygienist diagnoses it. In most cases, improved at-home hygiene and more frequent professional cleanings are enough to renew oral health. Advanced periodontal disease, periodontitis, has more significant impact on patients’ health. Side effects include bleeding gums, receding soft tissue, teeth becoming lose, and even tooth loss in the worst cases. To help patients struggling with this more severe form of gum disease, advanced periodontal therapies are necessary. In this post, we’ll review some of the many forms of periodontal therapy we provide to help patients improve their oral health.

Scaling & Root Planing

Deep cleaning procedures are usually the first step to getting back your optimal level of oral health. These procedures typically combine scaling, the systematic removal of plaque, tartar, and damaged tissue, and root planing, the smoothing of tooth roots to prevent future plaque and tartar buildup.

Pocket Reduction Surgery

One of the first signs of gum disease is larger pockets between teeth and gums. In order to prevent the progress of periodontal disease, we may need to shrink the pockets between teeth and gums. This limits the amounts of plaque and tartar able to accumulate between teeth and gums.

Gum Grafts & Regenerative Treatment

Replacing lost gum tissue may be necessary when advanced periodontal disease causes soft tissue to recede. When soft tissue is replaced, patients will need to partner with their dentists to keep their smiles healthy and ensure complete integration with healthy tissue.

Periodontal Maintenance In-Office & At-Home

Once we help patients renew their oral health, we’re still not done. When you’re diagnosed with advanced periodontal disease, you will always need to work hard to maintain your healthy smile. Your dentist and hygienist will partner with you to maintain optimal oral health in our office and at-home with thorough, personalized periodontal maintenance plans.

Meet Dr. Polansky

At the Cherry Hill dental office of Barry Poanksy, DMD, we offer a wide range of periodontal therapy solutions customized to address their individual oral health care needs. Dr. Polansky is a highly sought after educator and dentistry professional, and he takes a philosophical and patient-centered approach to dental treatment. He works hard to make visits to our office a treat for every patient. If you’re new to the area or you just need a new dental office home, it’s time to call our Cherry Hill dental practice. Our friendly, knowledgeable dentistry team members will be happy to answer questions or schedule an appointment for you to come in and see us.

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