September 8, 2015

Barry Polansky DMD, Cherry Hill family dentist, helps you maintain oral health at every age

VelScope oral cancer screening detects problems at an early stage.Your Cherry Hill family dentist, Barry Polansky DMD, delivers precise, personalized dental services for patients of all ages. The latest in diagnostics and patient participation in treatment plans foster great dental health for children through seniors.

What’s one of the best assets you have? It’s a healthy smile. At every age, healthy teeth and gums give you self-confidence and impact your overall health, too. Dr. Barry Polansky, Cherry Hill family dentist, excels at preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, delivering the precise and compassionate care you and your loved ones need–no matter their stage or walk of life.

Cherry Hill dentist, Dr. Barry Polansky, treats each patient individually for best oral health

Author of “The Art of Examination,” Barry Polansky DMD approaches all his patients as individuals. Not simply a set of teeth and gums, Dr. Polansky and his staff take the basics of general dentistry seriously–with prevention as the chief cornerstone of great care.

Each patient receives a thorough oral examination and cleaning. Dr. Polansky visually inspects all teeth for signs of decay and gums for periodontal disease–a serious problem even in some children. DIAGNODENT diode laser technology uncovers hidden decay. The PerioLase MVP-7 laser gently debrides infected gum tissue.

Low radiation x-rays and other imaging show root and bone structure. Dr. Polansky uses the VelScope oral assessment system to detect oral cancer, a deadly malady newly found in more than 45,000 American adults annually. Caught early with accurate diagnostics, oral cancer is treatable.

For children, bite checks, referrals for orthodontic treatment, plastic sealants on molars and fluoride treatments keep young smiles on track through their formative years.

Your 08003 dentist excels at restorative care

Dr. Polansky checks his patients for TMJ (temporomandibular joint) dysfunction, using skills he learned at the Pankey Institute. He may prescribe customized bite guards to alleviate physical forces that stress this jaw joint causing pain, headaches, clicking noises and other symptoms.

If he encounters decay, he restores the tooth to full function and aesthetics with white fillings and porcelain veneers. To replace missing teeth, he offers bridgework, dentures and dental implants–the gold standards in replacement options.

Your Cherry Hills dentist makes smiles beautiful

Dr. Polansky combines his artistic talents with his dental skills to create smiles that are white, even and dazzling. Teens to senior adults with healthy teeth can enjoy the benefits of teeth whitening to eliminate stains and dullness. Combined with cosmetic resin bonding, porcelain and minimum-prep veneers cover chips, cracks, gaps and crowding for a smile that is smooth and even. A smile makeover from Dr. Polansky and his team makes patients of all ages happy to show off their teeth and relaxed about having optimal oral health.

Learn more about dental health

You can maximize the smile Nature gave you with dental care by Dr. Barry Polansky. Start today with the best in preventive care. Contact Dr. Polansky’s team for an appointment.





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