November 7, 2017

Your Dentist Provides a Sure Way to Fight Gum Disease in Cherry Hill

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woman teeth exposed pink spotHave you noticed that you have red, puffy and swollen gums that easily bleed? This could be an early indicator of gum disease in Cherry Hill and your dentist says that this should not be taken lightly. He warns that if this is ignored, serious problems could arise, so he offers a way to fight back with laser gum therapy. Learn more about how the process works and ways to prevent periodontitis as you continue reading.

What is Gum Disease (Periodontitis)?

Gum disease is a condition that is caused by the infestation of bacteria over time. It progresses through stages and if not addressed, can cause very serious health problems in other areas of your body.

One of the main contributors to this condition is leftover food, which serves as sustenance for bacteria to feed on. As result, their numbers exponentially grow, and they cause plaque to form on your teeth and below the gum line.

Here are the three stages that the disease progresses through:

  • Gingivitis – This is the only stage where the effects are reversible, so your dentist encourages you to take proactive steps when you notice signs of bleeding, puffy or swollen gums by scheduling an appointment.
  • Mild Gum Disease – At this point, your connective fibers and bone that hold the roots of your teeth in place have suffered permanent damage, as bacteria have traveled deeper beneath the gum line.
  • Advanced Gum Disease – Severe negligence will lead to the roots of your teeth being dissolved, leaving your ivories susceptible to falling out.

How Laser Treatment Can Help

Before your periodontitis advances to the point where the roots of your teeth are destroyed, your dentist offers a cutting-edge treatment that works to go after bacteria under the gum line – laser therapy in Cherry Hill. This method involves your oral expert using a laser to remove the inflamed gum tissue from around the tooth and performing a root scaling.

This procedure entails your dentist scraping off the calculus and plaque built up below the gum line and around the root. The final step is to remove any rough spots that attract bacteria and cause future infection, and as you heal, the area between the root and your gum tissue will regenerate.

One of the greatest benefits of laser gum therapy is that it attacks bacteria in the places where they like to hideout. Instead of masking the problem, it addresses it directly, which means that you’ll have a better chance of regaining the health and full function of your gums.

Ways to Prevent Periodontitis

There are two primary methods to preventing this condition:

  • Practicing Excellent Oral Hygiene – One of the best ways to remove harmful bacteria before they can do damage is to brush and floss your teeth at least two times a day.
  • Visiting Your Dentist Regularly – Another weapon against gum disease is your semi-annual dentist visit, where your teeth will be cleaned and examined thoroughly. The former removes stubborn plaque and tartar, while the latter allows your dentist to locate any harmful developments.

To learn more about the process and take control of your oral health, just reach out to your local dentist today.

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Dr. Barry Polansky earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. A lifelong student, he has received training from several institutions in a post-graduate capacity and also serves as a resource for other dentists, as an educator and author. Dr. Polansky practices at Barry Polansky DMD and can be reached for more information through his website.

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