March 15, 2012

Dr. Polansky Offers Two Great Veneer Options to Choose From

Are you curious about porcelain veneers? Then Dr. Polansky would love to talk with you. Our Cherry Hill dental office offers two great porcelain veneers options for patients to consider: traditional porcelain veneers and minimal-prep porcelain veneers. With both, it’s possible for Dr. Polansky to transform a chipped, cracked, or stained smile into one that dazzles.

But First, What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are ultrathin shells of porcelain that fit over the front of front teeth, masking any noticeable imperfections. They’re designed by Dr. Polansky to perfectly complement your appearance and are made by the dental lab we’ve partnered with, Niche Dental Studio.

Your Porcelain Veneer Options

Based on the results of your consultation appointment, Dr. Polansky can recommend one of our two porcelain veneer options. For some patients, traditional veneers may be the best option. For others, minimal-prep veneers may be the more ideal choice.

The primary difference between the two is that traditional veneers require more preparation time and are placed permanently over the front of teeth. Minimal-prep veneers, on the other hand, require little to no preparation but can provide equally stunning results.

Are you ready to transform your smile? Call our Cherry Hill office today to schedule your first appointment with Dr. Polansky. We serve patients from Cherry Hill, Voorhees, Marlton, Haddonfield, Haddon Heights, Audubon, and surrounding areas.

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