June 2, 2014

Start Off Your Summer With A Checkup with Dr. Polansky

shutterstock_192589115With summer approaching, you want to make sure you make the most out of your summer vacation. With getting the grill ready for your outdoor barbeques to finding the perfect spot on the beach, a lot of preparation goes into making sure you have the most fun possible. The same goes for your smile! In order to fully benefit having a beautiful, healthy smile, you have to be prepared and make sure everything is copasetic. With comprehensive dental exams with Dr. Barry Polansky, you can be sure your smile will be perfect in time to enjoy your summer!

When you come in for your dental checkup, Dr. Polansky goes through a menu of things to look for, leaving no stone unturned in making sure your smile is as healthy as possible. One thing Dr. Polansky will do is search for dental decay using DIAGNOdent, a laser that is able to detect decay from above and below your tooth’s surface. He will also determine the health of your gums, looking for signs of gum disease, as well as the integrity of preexisting dental work, such as fillings.

Dr. Polansky will be able to assess how your upper and lower teeth fit together, making sure no misalignments are present. Looking into how your temporomandibular joints and muscles are working is also part of your dental checkup, ensuring that everything is working in tandem.

If you want to be sure you enjoy your summer to the fullest with a vibrant, healthy smile, schedule your dental checkup with Dr. Polansky today, and we will be more than happy to help!

Dr. Barry Polansky provides complete dental care to all of our patients from our Cherry Hill dental office. We serve patients from Voorhees, Marlton, Haddonfield, Haddon Heights, Audubon, and surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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